Face Recognition Panel with Built-in NFC / QR Code Reader and IPS Touch Screen

GV-FR Panel is a face-recognition-based access reader, with an 8″LCD touchscreen of 800 x 1280 HD display to deliver vivid live images. When connecting to GeoVision access control system, GV-FR Panel can grant or deny access not only based on faces recognition but also on card swiping, and card + face double-authentication. GV-FR Panel supports the smartcards following ISO/IEC 14443A, and is able to read QR codes issued by GV-ASManager’s visitor management system to grant visitor access.

With on-edge face recognition ability, GV-FR Panel can be incorporated into any third-party Wiegand access control system. GV-FR Panel realizes the integration of AI video analytics and access control, bringing a new experience of convenience and improved security.