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  • This is a fully integrated weather station for atmospheric environmental monitoring, including humidity/temperature/light/CO2/wind sensors, optional display LCD and solar panels. Product Features • Original stainless steel integrated design, beautiful appearance, real-time measurement with advanced sensing technology, modular design, configuration any combination, can achieve all-weather, long-term continuous online monitoring in harsh environments. • high measurement accuracy, wide range, good stability, low power consumption, strong resistance to external interference, can work around the clock, not affected by weather changes, no need to calibrate. • precision technology, solid-state design, more robust structure, high strength, weather resistance, corrosion and water resistance, long service life. • integrated installation, small size, easy to carry, disassemble and install, suitable for gridding, intensive, refined layout requirements. • Solar panel, LED display, lightning rod optional
  • This is a fully integrated solar power system designed for remote video surveillance. It includes solar panel, industrial lithium battery, charge controller, brackets and all the related accessories. It is recommended to be working with one IP camera or multiple IOT sensors. Outstanding Features • Fully integrated system • 50AH/ industrial lithium battery (expandable to 80AH) • Comes with 100W solar panel (expandable to 200W solar panels) • Built-in industrial MPPT solar charging controller • Low voltage / over-charge / battery temperature protection • Estimated 72 hours continuous power supply for one PTZ camera without recharging • Output power: 12V DC / 5A Applications Outdoor remote surveillance, farm, ranch house, oil station, remote sites without grid power


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