GV-GF1911 GF Fingerprint Reader

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GV-GF Lettore di impronte digitali funziona con GV-AS / GV-EV Controller e GV-ASManager per creare un sistema di controllo di accesso completo.

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Descrizione prodotto

  • Work with GV-AS / GV-EV Controller and GV-ASManager
  • Three types of access modes: card only, fingerprint only and card plus fingerprint
  • Fingerprint templates stored on the user card
  • Three types of communication interfaces for connecting with GV-AS Controller: Wiegand 26, RS-485 and TCP/IP (LAN)
  • GV-GF1911: Enroll fingerprints through RS-485 connection with GV-ASManager (Fingerprint Only Mode)

The GV-GF Fingerprint Reader works with GV-AS / GV-EV Controller and GV-ASManager to create a complete access control system.

With the GV-GF Fingerprint Reader only, you can also enroll and manage users through the supplied Manager Enroll Card and Delete Card, along with optional MIFARE user cards.

ApplicationIndoor use only
Sensing Area (H x W)18 x 13 mm (0.71 x 0.51 in)20 x 17 mm (0.79 x 0.67 in)
Output InterfaceDC 24V, 2.5A
Input InterfaceNo
Communication InterfaceWiegand 26, RS-485, TCP/IP (LAN)
Supported CardISO14443A (MIFARE DESFire, MIFARE Plus and MIFARE Classic), 13.56 MHz
Operation ModeFingerprint Only (N/A for Wiegand)
Card + Fingerprint
Card Only
Fingerprint Enrollment(Fingerprint Only Mode)RS-485Not supported
(Fingerprint + Card Mode)RS-485, TCP/IP
Firmware UpgradeRS-485, TCP/IP
Number of Fingerprints Stored1,900 (for Fingerprint Only mode)
Standalone FunctionNo
Operating Temperature0 ~ 50° C (32 ~ 122° F)
Humidity10% ~ 90% (no condensation)
PowerDC 7.5V ~ 12V, Max 250mA
Dimensions (H x W x D)130 x 54 x 43 mm
(5.12 x 2.13 x 1.69 in)
130 x 54 x 38 mm
(5.12 x 2.13 x 1.50 in)
Weight130 g (0.29 lb)160 g (0.35 lb)
CertificationCE, FCC
The number of GV-GF1911/1912 supported by GV-AS Controllers
1. RS485 and TCP/IP interfaces only support GeoVision controllers, while Wiegand interface supports both GeoVision and 3rd party controllers (Wiegand 26 Bits).
2. For Card + Fingerprint Mode and Card Only Mode, it is required to purchase GeoVision GV-AS ID Card & GV-AS ID Key Fob to work with.
3. Data synchronization with GV-AS Controller and GV-ASManager through LAN is only supported
when the following controller firmware version and software version work together:
* GV-AS100 / 110 / 120: V1.06 or later
* GV-AS400: V1.04 or later
* GV-AS210 / 810: V1.0 or later
* GV-AS410: V1.1 or later
* GV-AS2110 / 4110 / 8110: V1.23 or later
4. Specifications are subject to change without notice.
GV-AS ID Card & GV-AS ID Key FobFor Card + Fingerprint Mode, the GV-AS ID F Card or GV-AS ID F Key Fob is required. For Card Only Mode, both the GV-AS ID F Card / Key Fob and the GV-AS ID Card / Key Fob are supported.
GV-HUB V2The GV-Hub V2 adds four RS-232/RS-485 serial ports through the computer’s USB port, allowing connection between the fingerprint reader and the computer.
GV-COM V2The GV-COM V2 can convert the standard RS-232 signal, through USB connector, to RS-485 signal, allowing connection between the fingerprint reader and the computer.
GV-COM V3The GV-COM V3 can convert the standard RS-232 signal, through USB connector, to RS-485 signal, allowing connection between the fingerprint reader and the computer.
GV-Net / IO CardThe GV-NET/IO Card is a RS-485 / RS-232 interface converter that provides 4 inputs and 4 relay outputs. Using the GV-NET/IO Card, you can connect the fingerprint reader to the computer.
PC Service PackageThe package includes a USB cable for connecting the fingerprint reader to a computer and a reader mount to hold the reader for fingerprint enrollment.
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Data Cable (of 100 cm / 3.28 feet)
  • Manager Enroll Card
  • Manager Delete Card
  • Self-Tapping Screw (M3 x 6L) x 2
  • Self-Tapping Screw (M4 x 15L) x 3
  • Plastic Screw Anchor x 4
  • Buzzer Hole Plate
  • Security Torx
  • Software CD
  • Warranty Card
Item No. (Sales Part No.)Description
520-GF1912-000GV-GF1912 Fingerprint Reader
520-GF1911-000GV-GF1911 Fingerprint Reader