GV-AS Manager

GV-AS Manager – da 1 a 14 controllers connections

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GV-ASManager offre una soluzione di controllo dell’accesso alla rete adatto sia per le piccole imprese e le multinazionali con strutture in tutto il mondo.

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Descrizione prodotto

GV-AS Manager
Access Control Functions

  • Control up to 1000 GV-AS / GV-EV Controllers
  • Four access mode options: Card only mode, Card and PIN Code mode, Card or Common mode, Release mode
  • Alarm conditions: door held open, door forced entry, tamper, access denied, duress, fire alarm
  • SMS or E-Mail notification with user-defined content, video snapshot and user photo
  • Up to 40000 cards, 1000 system users and 10000 access groups
  • Up to 256 time zones and weekly schedules
  • Holiday planning for 14 months
  • Multiple cards per user
  • Enroll cards in batch mode
  • Anti-Duress operation
  • Anti-Passback capabilities
  • Door Interlock
  • Support Microsoft Access, SQL database and Active Directory database
  • Import/export of card and user data in Access or Excel file format
  • User-defined screen layout and dual monitor display support
  • Patrol Tour that requires security personnel to check in at the specified locations
  • Vehicle hotlist to help locate stolen vehicles or other vehicles of interest
  • Languages supported: English, French, Hebrew, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish

Video Integration

  • Integrating video from GeoVision IP devices (GV-System, GV-VMS, GV-Video Server, GV-Compact DVR, GV-IP Camera) and third-party IP cameras
  • Support for connecting to third-party IP devices using ONVIF, PSIA and RTSP protocols
  • User-defined matrix of 16-channel multi-views
  • Click on events to play back recordings immediately


  • Monitor unlimited GV-ASManagers over the Internet
  • Remote door monitoring, video playback, door operation


  • Flexible workforce schedule arrangement
  • Payroll calculation
  • Attendance and payroll report search
  • View access data on Google Maps in the order of access time


  • Remotely watch live view from connected devices
  • Remotely add or delete cards, users, controllers, access groups, cameras
  • Remotely set up operator accounts, patrol tours, parking lots, and notification settings
  • Web interface for historical log search with corresponding video and snapshot
  • Log export in Excel, Text, HTML, Zip and PDF file formats
  • View access data on Google Maps in the order of access time


  • Web interface for creating visitor database and granting access
  • Visitor record search
  • Visitor self registration

GV-Access Mobile Applications

  • Access up to 5 GV-ASManager systems from iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Watch live view from cameras associated with a door or lane
  • Lock or unlock a door
  • Check door status to see if any alarm events have occurred at a door
  • Open LPR lanes

Installed in local PC, link to controllers
Main function:
Management & Monitoring

Installed in remote PC,
unlimited link to GV-ASManager
Main function:
Monitoring & Basic control

Web interface
Main function:
Search historical event with synchronized video

GV-Access Mobile Applications
Main function:
Remote control and monitoring

GV-ASManager offers a network access control solution suitable for both small business and multinationals with facilities around the globe. GV-ASManager can control up to 1000 units of GV-AS / GV-EV Controllers and support up to 40,000 cards. In addition, IP devices can be connected to GV-ASManager through network to provide live video and event associated playback.
Minimum System Requirements
OS 32-bit Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / Server 2008
64-bit Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 / Server 2008 / Server 2012
CPU Core 2 Duo E8400, 3.0 GHz
Memory 2 x 1 GB Dual Channels
Hard Disk 500 GB
VGA PCI-Express, 1280 x 1024 , 32-bit color and support DirectX 10
DirectX End-User Runtimes (November 2008)
Software .NET Framework 3.5
SQL Server 2005 Express (optional)
Browser Internet Explorer 9.0 or later
Software License
Free License 4 controllers
Maximum License 1000 controllers
Increment for Each License 1 controller
Dongle Type External or internal
Note: The Maximum License is a paid service.
Supported Software Version
GV-System GV-ASManager 4.0: V8.5.5.0 or V8.5.6.0
GV-ASManager 4.1: V8.5.7.0
GV-ASManager 4.2: V8.5.8.0
GV-ASManager 4.2.1 – 4.2.3: V8.5.9.0
GV-ASManager 4.3: V8.6.0.0
GV-ASManager 4.3.5: V8.6.2.0
GV-VMS GV-ASManager 4.3.5: GV-VMS V15.10.0.0

Note: GV-ASManager does not support 3rd party controllers.

Optional Devices Description
GV-GF1911 Fingerprint Reader Fingerprints can be enrolled through a GV-GF1911 Fingerprint Reader installed on the computer of the GV-ASManager. The fingerprint data are distributed through GV-ASManager to the assigned fingerprint readers installed on GV-AS / GV-EV Controllers for access control.
GV-GF1921/GF1922 Fingerprint Reader For local fingerprint enrollment, the user needs to register his or her fingerprints onsite using a reader connected with GV-ASManager. For remote fingerprint enrollment, empty fingerprints can be created on the GV-ASManager first, and the user can register his or her fingerprints later at a GV-GF1921 / 1922 with the assigned card.
GV-PCR310 Enrollment Reader The GV-PCR310 is a USB card reader designed to assist with card enrollment to GV-ASManager / GV-ASWeb. It reads and transfers the identification data of a detected card to GV-ASManager / GV-ASWeb. The user can conveniently establish user accounts on GV-ASManager / GV-ASWeb by inserting the cards in the GV-PCR310 Enrollment Reader.
Along with powerful access controllers and other hardware accessories, GeoVision offers a series of complementary access control software including the GV-ASManager, GV-ASWeb, GV-ASRemote, and GV-Access mobile applications to provide the flexibility and scalability for both local and remote access control.

The diagram above shows how the access control software can be set up for a retail chain. GV-ASManager can be installed in local PCs of the chain stores and the headquarters can remotely monitor the chain stores using GV-ASWeb or GV-ASRemote. Using GV-Access mobile applications, up to 5 GV-ASManager systems can be accessed from a mobile device.

Item No. (Sales Part No.) Description
540-AS255-000 Connection with 1 to 255 controllers
540-AS050-000 Connection with 1 to 50 controllers
540-AS030-000 Connection with 1 to 30 controllers
540-AS010-010 Connection with 1 to 10 controllers
540-AS040-000 Connection with 1 to 4 Controllers

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