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Controller with built-in Reader

Working as a standalone solution, GV-AS110 is a card reader and also a single door controller. It is possible to add one more card reader to GV-AS110 for entry and exit applications. GV-AS110 has the capability to store up to one thousand cards. When GV-AS110 is being used as a standalone unit, the programming is either done on the keypad or from the software GV-ASManager through the RS-485 connection.
An economic solution for access control, GV-AS110 is suitable for controlling doors, parking gates and access to elevator call buttons.

      • 1,000 / 40,000 cards (standalone / networked mode or RS-485 mode)
      • Easy programming from keypad
      • Built-in 3 digital inputs and 2 relay outputs
      • 1 Wiegand output (26 ~ 64 bits) for extra reader programming
      • 1 door expandable to 2 doors with optional GV-ASBox
      • Built-in 13.56 MHz Reader
      • Built-in tampering alarm sensor
      • Anti-Passback (APB) support
Model NoNameDetails
GV-ASBoxOnly works with GV-AS100 / 110 / 120. The device can add Network function, 1 Wiegand interface, 8 additional inputs and outputs to GV-AS100, GV-AS110 and GV-AS120.
GV-ASNetOnly works with GV-AS100 / 110 / 120. This device can add Network function to GV-AS100, GV-AS110 and GV-AS120.
GV-Net / IO CardOnly works with GV-AS100 / 110 / 120. GV-Net / IO Card can convert the standard RS-232 signal of one controller to RS-485, allowing the controller to connect to a computer.
GV-HUB V2An easy way for serial port extension. This hub can add 4 RS-232/RS-485 serial ports through the GV-Hot Swap VMS V5´s USB port.
GV-COM V2This unit can add 1 RS-232/RS-485 serial port through the GV-Hot Swap VMS V5´s USB port.
GV-COM V3This unit can add 1 RS-485 port to your computer through a USB connector.
GV-MountA900100 x 68 mm (3.9 x 2.7″)
Supported Power Box Type:Single Gang (US standard)
Push Button SwitchThe push button switch can be integrated with access control system, allowing door exit by momentarily activating or deactivating the electric locking device. Both American standard and European standard push buttons are available.
GV-IB25 / 65 / 85 Infrared ButtonThe GV-IB25 / 65 / 85 Infrared Button detects infrared movement within 3 to 12 cm and allows you to open the door with a wave of hand.
Electric LockThree types of electric locks are available: electromagnetic lock, electric bolt and electric strike.
GV-AS ID Card & GV-AS ID Key FobFor Card Mode, the GV-AS ID Card / Tag is required. 13.56 MHz cards and tags are available.
      • GV-AS110
      • Power Adaptor 12V DC / 1.25A
      • Power Cord
      • Screw x 2
      • Screw Anchor x 2
      • Front Cover Plate x 2
      • Enroll Card
      • Delete Card
      • GV-AS ID F Card x 20
      • Warranty Card

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