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Geovision CMS server software per digital signage permette di caricare i file multimediali, ticker scorrevoli, i feed RSS o firmware per un massimo di 1000 dispositivi di segnaletica digitale tramite un'interfaccia web. Software in italiano. 20 licenze incluse.

Descrizione prodotto

  • Connection with up to 1000 PN300 / SQP133 / SQP110
  • Web interface to remotely upload contents, scrolling tickers, RSS feeds, and schedules using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari
  • Remote device reboot and firmware upgrade
  • Instant display of device status and information
  • Support for Dynamic DNS
  • Records and analysis of user and device activities
Compatible Firmware and Software Versions
PN300 / SQP133SQP110 Series
CMS Server / CMS Lite V1.0.4.0V1.06N/A
CMS Server / CMS Lite V1.0.3.0V1.05N/A
CMS Server / CMS Lite V1.0.2.0 or earlierV1.04 or earlierV1.03 or earlier
Content Designer V1.0.5.0 or laterV1.05 or laterN/A
Content Designer V1.0.4.0 or earlierV1.04 or earlierN/A
CMS Server è un sistema di Content Management Server che permette di caricare i file multimediali, ticker scorrevoli, i feed RSS o firmware per un massimo di 1000 dispositivi di segnaletica digitale tramite un’interfaccia web. È anche possibile cercare i record e analisi degli utenti e delle attività del dispositivo. Incluse nel prezzo sono 20 licenze per connettare fino 20 dispositivi PN300 o/e SQP110, altre licenze si possono comprare o aggiornare a parte fino ad un totale 1.000 lienze.
System Requirements
500 Devices or Below 500 Devices or Above
OS32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7 / XP / Vista / Server 2008
CPUCore Duo, 2.6 GHzCore Duo, 3.0 GHz
Memory1 GB2 GB
Browser* Internet Explorer 8.0
* Firefox 6.0.2
* Google Chrome 15.0.874.121
* Safari 5.1
HardwareExternal GV-USB Dongle
LanguageEnglish / Traditional Chinese / French / German / Japanese / Bulgarian / Czech / Danish / Dutch / Greek / Hebrew / Hungarian / Italian / Indonesian / Norwegian / Lithuanian / Persian / Polish / Portuguese / Romanian / Russian / Serbian / Simplified Chinese / Slovakian / Slovenian / Spanish / Thai / Turkish
Note: It is recommended to use the internal GV-USB Dongle to have the Hardware Watchdog function which restarts the PC when Windows crashes or freezes.
Software License
Free LicenseN/A
Maximum License1000 clients
Increment for Each License5 to 1000 clients at an increment of 5
Optional CombinationsN/A
Dongle TypeInternal or external
Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice.
Item No. (Sales Part No.)Description
720-CMSSVR-100GV-CMS Server 100 Connections
720-CMSSVR-095GV-CMS Server 95 Connections
720-CMSSVR-090GV-CMS Server 90 Connections
720-CMSSVR-085GV-CMS Server 85 Connections
720-CMSSVR-080GV-CMS Server 80 Connections
720-CMSSVR-075GV-CMS Server 75 Connections
720-CMSSVR-070Gv-CMS Server 70 Connections
720-CMSSVR-065GV-CMS Server 65 Connections
720-CMSSVR-060GV-CMS Server 60 Connections
720-CMSSVR-055GV-CMS Server 55 Connections
720-CMSSVR-050GV-CMS Server 50 Connections
720-CMSSVR-045GV-CMS Server 45 Connections
720-CMSSVR-040GV-CMS Server 40 Connections
720-CMSSVR-035GV-CMS Server 35 Connections
720-CMSSVR-030GV-CMS Server 30 Connections
720-CMSSVR-025GV-CMS Server 25 Connections
720-CMSSVR-020GV-CMS Server 20 Connections
720-CMSSVR-005GV-CMS Server 5 Connections